About Us



As with most things in the car world, something usually starts in a garage or some type of event; we were no different. At our heart, we are automotive enthusiast who enjoy seeing the different types of vehicles people choose to own. One day, [redacted] decided to attend a car show that he had never attended before in the South East Metro area of the Twin Cities. While driving he was unsure what to expect of the attendance and spectators, only referencing the type of event MN C&C regularly produces. As he pulled up to the show in a Ferrari F430, it was American Muscle as far as the eye could see.

His first thought was that he brought the wrong type of car to this event, but after closer inspection he saw what appeared to be an Italian automotive masterpiece, a Lamborghini Murcielago. He decided to park next the rival auto maker, in hopes of finding some common reference between the two historically clashing sects inside the car community.

[redacted], pleasantly surprised, was greeted by [redacted], the owner of the Murcielago. The two talked for a few hours at the event, giving each other compliments about their respective vehicles, talking about events, both good and bad, that had happened with the vehicle, experience of ownership, and several other topics; being a common practice between two enthusiast. They talked in jest about how many car clubs there were in Minnesota, but there was nothing that brought the exotic and supercar community together; [redacted] and [redacted] decided to change that fact and Minnesota Exotics and Supercars was created.


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