Minnesota Exotics and Supercars is an exclusive club of hand selected members from the state’s exotic car and supercar owners. There is no fee to join, however there are qualification requirements. MNE&S typically meets bi-monthly with numerous vehicles of the aforementioned pedigree in attendance. Meets range in type from cruises to private events. More information on qualification requirements and membership perks can be found below.

If you’re interested in joining the club, please Send Us A Message and someone will reply shortly.



No, there is no charge to be a member of the Minnesota Exotics and Supercars club.

Minnesota Exotics and Supercars hand-selects its members. To be considered, you must have a vehicle that meets the criteria below*:

  • Acura – NSX
  • Alfa Romeo – 8c
  • Ariel Atom – All
  • Aston Martin – All
  • Audi – R8
  • BAC – Mono
  • Bentley – All
  • BMW – i8
  • Bugatti – All
  • Dodge – Viper
  • Ferrari – All
  • Ford – GT, GT 40 (all variants except kit cars)
  • Hennessy – Venom
  • Jaguar – XJ220. XF
  • Koenigsegg – All
  • Lamborghini – All
  • Laraki – All
  • Lexus – LFA
  • Lotus – All
  • Maserati – All except Chrysler TC by Maserati
  • Mclaren – All
  • Mercedes Benz – SLS AMG, AMG GT, SLR Mclaren
  • Nissan – GTR
  • Noble – All
  • Pagani – All
  • Porsche – 911, GT4, Carrera GT, GT1, 918, Turbo
  • Rolls Royce – All
  • RWB – All
  • Saleen – S7
  • Tesla – Roadster, and ‘D’ models

Classic Cars (over 20 years old) can be admitted to the group based on several factors. Just because the vehicle meets the below listed criteria, does not guarantee the vehicle will be admitted.

  • The vehicle should be compared to other vehicles in its respective timeframe. For example, in 1968 the Shelby GT 350 and 500 would be considered supercars for their era of production.
  • Take into account the rarity of the vehicle and the percent that have survived to date. For example, a high production vehicle, but very few have survived, or a limited worldwide production run.
  • The vehicle should be free of rust, any major body damage, and, with in reason, in good working condition.

* List subject to change. MNE&S retains the right to allow or disallow members for any reason.

Club Members will receive discounts and/or benefits from Sponsors of the group. Members are invited to exclusive events held by the club, sponsors, and track days.

For sponsorship inquiries, please Email If you are interested in joining the club, please Send Us A Message and someone will reply shortly.


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